Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Shrinky Super Sailor Moon

The original plan was to make a shrinkie something with My Little Pony... but due to the limited colours of my current Derwent artists coloured pencils set, i went back to a Sailor Moon image again.

As cute as the Sailor Moon pictures are, they are a bit more fiddly to draw and colour compared to the simple lines of Ponies.
I'll just have to get some more pencils first!

Sailor Moon Super S!

This side is what i call the glossy side.
This is the coloured/marked side.
Maybe its the colours used in this picture, but she does look a lot more "waxy" than Sailor V.

This is the idea for the 3 holes punched into the shrinkie.
What do you call these? Hand chain? The craft chain i use is too thick and bold and overpowers the whole thing. I will need to swap these out when i get some thinner, dainty chain.

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