Thursday, April 20, 2017

Back on the crafting bandwagon!

Having finally hauled my butt onto eBay to buy some shrink plastic ... or shrinky dinks or shrinkles ... whatever the companies want to call them.
Sad as it is, i couldn't find shrinkies in store in Sydders (the only ones that i could find were those children's craft packs that had pre-printed images on them 😕).

But anyways, yay that the plain shrinkies arrived just before the Easter break so of course, i got stuck right into it over the break.

It was fascinating to watch it curl and shrink and flatten out in the oven 😮 amazing lol

My test piece - to see how much it actually shrunk

Even though the package said the plastic will shrink 7 times smaller ... that was a bit of a lie - as you can see its more like 30% shrink.. although really, that's fine with me but the blurb was misleading.
The initial test was done with coloured pencils.
I already tried using permanent/indelible markers to see how that turns out.
The finish between the 2 are very different. The pencils makes the shrinkie opaque, whereas the markers resulted in translucent finish (the shrinkie sheet is frosted).

Well with the initial test out of the way, onto something bigger!

With some sharpies and a custom design.
Cutting the holes inside the bow and the slits on the either side of the bow with a knife is freaking hard!
It is very easy for the knife to slip a bit and its all over red rover 😢
Annnndddddd... you have to be very careful removing the shrinkie from the over while its still hot as its still soft and malleable. Very easy for the slit to no longer be a slit .. if you get what i mean.

Oven baked goodness...
The marker colours darken to what it would look like on paper..

ta da! a shrinky elastic bracelet

Family shot!
Test pieces with the big bow bracelet!

how cute is stitch!

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