Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Designer Sunnies and their Gigantic Cases!

Why does every designer brand and associated eyewear manufacturer make gigantic hard cases?!
With the amount of moolah they charge for said eyewear, the least they could do was make boxes that fit the darn things nicely instead of a 'one size fits all' lazy bum approach.

Case in point this time around -
the Dior So Reals are very slim yet the box is huge and squarish which means its a struggle to get it to fit into most moderately sized handbags and if you can get it in, it almost fills up the entire bag!
(Safilo have now started accompanying sunnies with the much slimmer black boxes, unfortunately, these still came with the giant white box)

*grumble grumble grumble*

Anyhoo, of course this is a good opportunity to custom make a box for the slim sunnies.


The custom case isnt tiny but follows the shape of the sunnies much better and fits more snugly than the original.
The side profile shows the uneven trapezoidal shape i made these in to follow the different slants of the front and back side of the sunnies. This shape is new to me so was an interesting challenge.

A little bit of casual neon polka dots on the side...

I made a large flap opening that opens up all most of the way for easy access that minimises the risk of squishing the sunnies or having to slide its way in which may inflict painful scratches.
The 'back' wall is lower for easy pick up because you know... its all rush rush rush lol

The inside is lined in emerald green scrap silk satin which you may remember i had also used as the lining for the 'wa! pucca flex sunnies soft case'.
The inner side where the front of the sunnies sit is padded - just like a silk pillow for the precious =)

With the finished case, i could have probably made it slightly smaller height-wise.

It was only after making this custom case that i found out the new black slim boxes were coming with newer models. The black case is slim and is the profile is actually a long triangle - which means its long and pointy at the bottom - probably not the best combination with soft leather lining in some bags.
Interestingly, the black cases are so slim that now you get the reverse problem where some sunnies like the Diorama barely fit in there - actually squishes the sunnies abit. You also have to slide it in and out to get it as on the top lifts up to open. Scratch central, anyone?
Oh vey =S