Friday, February 28, 2014

Flexin' with Wa! Pucca

Sunglasses manufacturers are so lazy!
They produce a one size fits all hardcase for all the different sunglasses models released under the one label. So long as the sunnies can go in, job done.
Case in point -->
The sunnies take up less that half the space in the hardcase.
These gigantic boxes take up alot of bag real estate!

Necessity is the mother of invention... well in this case, im not inventing anything, just making something :P
These sunnies are very slim, even the folded arms arent bulky - so a flex frame (padded) pouch would do the job. These ones are 8cm wide flex frames.

Not only would i get a new slimline case for the sunnies, i can kill two birds with one stone and try out a cute new machine embroidery design i just purchased (from a russian website; risky?!) - Pucca being chased by butterflies!

Pucca is freaking adorable!

lol even though my stitching was straight, when flipped out, it looks wonky?!
Its the fabric and batting, i swear!


wrinkly contrast back

Contrast emerald green silk satin lining (leftovers from the construction of a top)

For more Pucca cuteness overload, visit the 'Wa! Pucca' playground in Daegu, South Korea.
What is it? Its a Pucca themed indoor playground for little kids,... and big kids :) and its awesome!

Around the world series of Pucca play rooms