Saturday, April 22, 2017

Shrinky Sailor V with coloured pencils on shrinky

Continued playing with shrinkies..

The advantage of using markers on shrink plastic is clean lines and even coverage... however it all comes unstuck when you need to get white on the frosty clear sheet of plastic. There just isn't any white ink marker.. sure you can get white paint marker but it probably won't shrink well.

This where colour pencils are required.
Based on the limited colour set i have, Sailor moon characters would work great - most vibrant solid colours. Getting even coverage with wax based pencils is alot harder than markers.

How freaking cute are the Sailor moon images on Sailor moon drops game.
Sailor V has to be the most adorbs.

Here she is! 😁😄😁💖

By now, i'm also guessing that the "marked" side is the "right side up" (on the thinking that if you drew on opaque coloured shrinkie, the drawn side could only be the top side) but with the clear shrinkie, i prefer the drawn side as the "underside" and the thick clear side as the top for a glossy finish.

This is the drawn side which is the underside for me. You can see the texture of the coloured pencils is rougher than the drawn side of Stitch which was drawn with markers. Markers also keep the translucency of the shrinkie sheet whereas pencils give an opaque finish.

She turned out really well 😄(even though coverage is not 100% - shortcoming of using pencils).
Now to decide what to do with her... 

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