Monday, July 1, 2013

DIY Rockin' Penguin Sweets

A fun little DIY for kids. And im a big kid.
Make your own chocolates that penguins rock out to :P

This quirky korean cholocate kit contains buscuit 'stems', a strawberry and regular chocolate in tubes, a mold, and a rockin' penguins sticker sheet.
Very simply just squeeze out the chocolate into the molds, and stick a
buscuit into it for a handle.

It must be the chilly winter cold but the chocolate came out all stringy and didnt really 'fill' the molds nicely.
Even after squeezing out every last inch of the tubes, there wasnt quite enough chocolate to go around. I only managed to fill up 8 and a bit of the 10 piece mold.

                                                                           Lonely, unloved buscuit all by its lonesome!

Turned out abit ugly looking, not quite like the one pictured in the penguins flipper lol and the chocolate was tooooo sweet >.<;

                                                                                     This one grew a tail :X

And what should i do with the stickers...?

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