Monday, May 13, 2013

Stab, stab, stab

Browsing through Kinokuniya is quite a wallet depleting activity!
I always walk out wanting to purchase a few japanese crafty books and being in Aus., they can get quite pricey.
Amongst the japanese books was this little needle felting kit to make cute little doggy phone straps. What better way to try out a craft than getting started with a kit.
So, of course, i had to get one >.<;

The kit includes the wool fibres, eyes, jump rings and strap bits, instructions (in japanese), 2 felting needles, and a 'stab pad' <- a piece of foam. Enough to make 3 different dogs.

(Thats my completed doggie on the right... next to the image its supposed to look like)

Needle felting is quite the blood sport... or blood craft as it were.
The needles used have small serated teeth on them to better 'tangle' the wool fibers.
The project in question is to make a small item. Try holding on to the little bits of wool pieces and stab, stab, stab with very sharp long needles... its an emergency waiting to happen =P
Stab slow and it will take years to finish, stab fast and you might come out with missing some fingers =D

I made the middle dog featured in the photo of the kit.
Here is my completed piece.. it took 5 *full* hours and now i have arms like Popeye.
I dont know what sort of dog it is supposed to look like but mine turned out looking like a chihuahua with a smirk lol

This is a very fiddly (and tiring and dangerous) craft.
Those tiny legs and ears are a killer to do. Probably wasnt the best thing to make as a beginner =D
i dont know if i have it in my to make the other 2 dogs... =X
i have been put off for life (...if not, a very long time)

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