Saturday, April 27, 2013

Cream Quakers!

Quack quack quack!
I never seen these paper tole/3D decoupage things before until i saw them at a stall at the Sydney Stitches & Craft 2013 show.
The demo paper toles at the stall used mutli-purpose silicone sealant (the hardware kind!)between the layers o_O; that was very odd and messy to me, not to mention very uneven layers.

Anyhow, the paper toles are pre-printed sheets and pre-cut. Just pop them out of the sheet and start layering them. I used sticky foam dots in between.
This Cream Quakers set came with cards/envelopes to stick them on - this would fit in well with scrapbooking and more elaborate decorative displays.

Quick and easy craft. Little effort, quite enjoyable.

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