Wednesday, July 31, 2013

When life gives you lemons...

... put them aside and get some grapefruits!

Getting into the small clutch trend, i put my cartonnage skills to the test and decided to make a citrus box clutch. Not a whole citrus, just one slice :-)
The major problem i faced with this project was how to do the closure/clasp.
I have seen alot of other solutions crafters have used to make a closure - such as a ribbon or elastic loop over a button, or ribbon ties; but that didnt take my fancy as i didnt want straingy bits or protuding bits.
As a two bit crafter, i had no access to custom clasps that you see on commercially produced box clutches. I put the brain to work to come up with a solution with ready made components.

The project took alot longer than anticipated as i had to wait for extra thin magnetic snaps to fly over (from Etsy), as the selection of available craft components seriously sucks here in Sydney stores. Sad.

Very proud of this box clutch. Very happy with how it turned out, although there were minor issues.
This little grapefruit is ready for breakfast!

Marquise crystal beads as seeds.
Hand stitched name in metallic silver thread on the backside.
stitched sides
Mirror, mirror in the clutch, is this all abit too much?
Surprise contrasting 'Balloon Tots' lining - all facing in all different directions ^.^;

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