Thursday, March 10, 2016

Mini LalaLoopsy Dotty Gale Winds Mod

How adorable are the mini lalaloopsy dolls?
With their swinging legs and large button eyes. And im probably late to the game... as usual.

For the longest time, i had been meaning to do something with a couple of Lalaloopsy minis i bought.. for fun.
It was either going to turn into a bag charm or key chain/key ring.
And then it took even longer to find tiny eyelet screws... yep, it was hard.

i chose to try my hand at slight customisation on Dotty Gale Winds. Purchased on sale. In case i messed it up.
So this is what Dotty looks like from factory. Already very cute with her pigtails and sparkly red slippers.
Picture comes from LalaloopsyLand Wikia
This one is fairly simple mod.
First step was just to drill a tiny hole in the chosen position in her head and put in the eyelet screw so she could be hung.
I attached key ring rings to form a small chain and a larger one for attaching to an actual key.
There! as simple as that. Key ring done!

custom dotty gale winds

Being factory, a lot of the details molded into the doll (her dress in particular) are not that noticeable. Its really just a giant blue dress.
She needed more details ... or for the details to stand out more.

There are a lot of kids out there that customise their minis with acrylic paints and those are usually 'total' makeovers. Honestly, from what i can see, from a certain distance, they look fabulous. But as you get closer, the texture of the acrylic paint is very obvious and for me personally, i didnt really like the idea of changing the smooth texture of the plastic and ending up with a sandy finish. Plus, have to source some sort of sealer to keep the paint from chipping.
So i chose just to highlight some of her details and instead of acrylics, i just used nail polish o^_^o

The finished result:

Painted Nail Polish lalaloopsy

painted nail polish
 The wavy stripes on skirt of the dress were difficult to keep clean as the brush was crap and the plastic was super smooth, it slips! Hard to control.
painted nail polish

pailed nail polish

I only used 4 different colours of nail polish.
Dior Tuxedo - navy blue stripes
Dior Diorling - gold buttons
Winmax glittery silver #11 - middle layer petticoat
Dior Perle - middle layer petticoat (over Winmax)

Winmax is a cheapie from Daiso.
The quality of nail polish made a big difference to the ease of getting this done.
Winmax and small fiddly details do not go hand in hand. In the end the coverage of the Winmax was too splotchy and way too glossy, so i went over it with Dior to give it a opalescent finish that is matte.
Dotty's sock frills shows the original Winmax glitter.

Now here's to hoping it doesnt chip as easily as nail polish does on nails! The overall texture and finish is much closer to the plastic than acrylics and you get the bonus of being able to use glitters and metallics that are harder to get in normal paint.

If i keep detailing mini lalaloopsys, i might need to expand my nail polish 'collection' =)

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