Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Cute Little Furla Spy... now even cuter!

Its been a little... (or a long!) while since the last post... life got in the way unfortunately.
Its a new year so time to get stuck back into things :)

Here is a small start.

I picked up a leather Furla mini spy backpack on sale - very cute.
This is a stock image of it
Its a cute little thing with a very minimalist design with a chunky pale gold chain handle.

Now as if this wasn't kiddy enough (the SA asked if i was purchasing the bag for a child lol, nope its for me), I added two pom poms and here we have it.

Customised design and even more kiddy... i mean, cuter!

Great result and took less than an hour to do. Well worth it.
If i ever want to dress like an adult with this backpack, i can simply snip the poms out.

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