Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Burda Style Godet Skirt Pattern Review

What happens when you cant find the right bottom to match an existing top your mother has and time is running out for an upcoming wedding?
(Yep, i had to play stylist and find dressy bottom that works with her top)
You whip out the good old Burda Styles and find a quick and easy skirt to make!

I sifted through all the Burdas in my ever growing "collection" (i hesitate to use the word collection as it implies there is an emotional connection or attachment to these items) over and over and finally decided on a #103 godet pencil skirt from Burda issue 02/2011.

The skirt isn't very clear in the magazine since the skirt is black and the setting is quite dark!

Good thing about this skirt is that its 'minimalist' (code for quick and simple) and has an understated detail of interest in the back that makes it slightly different. Loving the big diagonal darts in the center back.

I made this skirt up in a black medium weight de-lustered stretch satin (yep, didn't need to use the reverse side of shiny shiny satin, both sides of this fabric is reverse side). Unlined.
I found the pattern to be quick and easy and very close to the line drawing. Thumbs up!
The pattern pieces lined up quite well. I've ran into commercial patterns in the past where the pieces didn't really fit together! So another thumbs up for this pattern.

My only complaint is that the pattern runs large. Based on the body measurements, i had made this up in the size 38 - already a slightly smaller than the measurements i had taken.
The right size should have been one size smaller - the 36. I had to do some quick and dirty downsizing. Not too noticeable in the end but the shape of the skirt would be changed for all eternity =P

Oops! i lost the photo of the front =P not much to look at though, its just plain.
Outfit to come.. that will show the front.

Adding my hopeless outfit pics :)

Escada silk & lace bustier

Guiseppe Zanotti fish bone heels


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