Monday, March 9, 2015

Kids, get your Craft on!

So... March is the US national month of Craft!
Who woulddathunk it?
And Australia being Australia, are adopting March as its own national craft month also.
One month for crafting? there aren't enough months in the year as is :P or days in a week or hours in a day.

i dont usually do home furnishings and appliques but heck, there is always a first for everything.

So months ago, i bought two cushions.. the ones that have nothing on them and are just a plain, thin cushion filler that go inside a fancy cushion cover.
The belief was that the cushion fillers would be destroyed before i ever got around to making covers for them. Ha!

The plan was to make some plain faux furry cushion covers (so its like a furry dog :D ), but i ran into some 'performance velvet' fabric in Stone at the local Spotlight in the furnishing department that was on sale and begs to be felt up.
Its not like dress velvet fabric, its cos a longer nap that goes in one direction rather than stand on end like regular velvet. Its more of a velour feel.

Plain stone covers would be boring :)
So it was time to come up with an idea for the fabric. Yep, typical. Hoard the fabric first then decide how to use it :P
And what the hey, while we're at it, who needs a pattern, just wing it.

Presenting the bunny and the mousey.

Dont sit on me


zig zag, zig zag

about face!
 This was the first time machine appliqueing and its great! Beats hand whip stitching hands down without a doubt. Much quicker :P

This is a great weekender project.
I would rate this project as "great to do again!" but there are only so many cushions one would need :D

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