Friday, July 3, 2015

A quickie with Madame Nightshade (review)

Not much time lately to make new things... although i did find this totally awesome embroidery design. So here is a quickie.

Madame Nightshade's Beauty Emporium
Purveyor of extra fine beauty tonics & lotions
Est. 1889

This design can probably be considered the advertising shopping bag in the style of of late 19th century apothecaries - quite gothic.

This is an 'in-the-hoop' design which seems to mean that the embroidery design incorporates the 'sewing' together part of the item, and in this case, this becomes a drawstring pouch.
It absolutely made no sense to me at all o_O?
i even read the tutorial related to this particular design something like 10 times... and it still made no sense.

i resigned myself to just using the design without the 'in-the-hoop' part.
i stitched out the design and manually put the bag together... oh my, what a rebel =P


Re-using ribbon taken off packaging (too much online shopping... and would be such a waste to just throw out)

Back - not much of a view here...

After putting this together manually, i re-visited the tutorial.
Now it makes total sense!
The method taught in putting the bag together was unusual. The way the drawstring is threaded in and tied was, in my opinion, completely unco!
It wasn't a 'real' drawstring pouch. Their ribbon effectively only drew together the front of the pouch (the back is still open) and would not stay cinched unless you tied the ends.
That is a terrible closure.
 Proper drawstring pouches allow you to pull two string outwards and cinches both the front and back of the pouch and will stay securely cinched.

I guess the manual sewing was required after all.

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