Thursday, January 15, 2015

Now Open: the Art of Jemology

Its been a long time coming.
I have finally mustered up and opened up my very own Esty shop - Art of Jemology.
Yep, Jemology, that's the name of my label. Check it out!

The craft is starting to take over and as much as i enjoy making these box clutches, there just isn't enough room (real estate is at a premium here in Sydders :P donchaknow?) to keep all of them.
So why not share the love and offer them up to some happy campers.

The shop is a little bare right now, but no doubt i will be adding more.

First up is the Jemology 'Today is a Gift' large box clutch.
How cute is this japanese print!

not a real mirror makes for wobbly reflections :P

Ribbon goes all the way around!

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