Monday, November 17, 2014

My very own Box of Joe

Its been a long hiatus.. isn't it annoying when a day job gets in the way?
Even more annoying when the day job becomes a night job as well ☹
All the pain but none of the glory *sigh*

Getting back to it.
The last few project were sewing projects so its past due for some boxy fun!

The latest creation is based on the humble milk carton (stumpy version).
Presenting Caffe Latte in a carton.
My very own box of joe (although i do not drink coffee at all) =P

The chain strap/handle is removable; in fact, i pinched this off my Moschino Cheap & Chic bag.
Currently its cross body, but can be replaced with a shorter hand held chain strap.
Its spacious enough to hold the essentials and more.

just a thought, why is it that people order a 'latte', but they obviously don't mean (just) milk, but milk/white coffee?

Vintage style caffe latte graphic

Front and side.
Front & other side

Open wide!

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