Monday, June 9, 2014

Pattern Review: V1170 Vogue Patterns American Rachel Comey

Its coming into cooler weather now and its time to break out the stash of velveteen and actually use it.
Based on the fabric, i chose to make the skirt part of this two part pattern.

Rachel Comey Vogue Patter V1170 Envelope front
The skirt is described as "flared skirt, has front and back seam details, back invisible zipper closing and wide waistband".
Its not very clear what the skirt actually looks like based on the photo on the front of the envelope as the skirt is black... and well the black just prints out as a black hole (besides seeing the shape of it).
The line drawing looks like this

Rachel Comey V1170 line drawing
Doesn't quite match the photo. The drawing looks a lot more fitted and higher waist-ed than the silhouette of the skirt in the photo.

Soldiering on.

The pattern itself turns out it matches the line drawing much more than it does the photo.
Very fitted through the hips and when they described it as a wide waistband, they weren't bloody kidding. The waistband ends up being about 6cm wide!
Not that that is all bad news, at least it helps to smooth out the tummy ;P

Almost faultless pattern until mid way when you reach the step in joining the composite skirt back/sides to the skirt hem. The pieces did not match up. The composite back/sides was a lot bigger than the skirt hem leaving me with an excess of fabric in the center back.

Secré bleu! (let's pretend the french really say this)

And you end up with something like this...

Extra wide seam

Took a little bit more stitching and seam ripping to get the back sitting nicely across the butt.

Another difference i saw was the line drawing showing some curve/flounce of the hem at the front, this was not the case with the actual pattern. Its more flat / A line.

This skirt is seriously high waist-ed.
So high in fact, that the top is a crop top and can be tucked in!! I have a short waist so that compounds the fact.

Overall, i could use this pattern again as the end result turned out surprisingly good... even though it neither matched the photo or the line drawing. Bear that in mind!

Wearing with 
VIVETTA 'Sandra' hands collar top
ISABEL MARANT Sheila boots

nb: if these designers allow Vogue Patterns to copy their items, why can't Vogue Patterns just get the actual item and take it apart so that it really is a pattern of the item??

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