Monday, September 23, 2013

More Clutching Maddness

In keeping with the box clutch maddness, and buoyed by the relative success of the grapefruit box clutch, i was itching to get cracking on another one (to take a break from studying for a certification).

Not anything original (Charlotte Olympia has done it, Chanel has done it, Lanvin has done it...) but is a cute and ladylike accompaniment to any outfit. It is the Perfume Bottle clutch.

Here is a sketch of what i wanted to it resemble. Proportions are abit off.
I wanted to go for something a little bit vintage/art deco.

and here is the end result..

The main body of the 'bottle' is covered in champagne coloured silk twill. The front and back panels are padded with some thin wadding. The bottle 'top' is covered in white cotton with a dainty floral print.
The name plaque is also padded and is hand embroidered in metallic gold and gray thread.

It is roomier than the grapefruit as i added an extra half cm to the thickness of the clutch. The deco style 'bottle' top was certainly a challenge to make. It ended up being abit more well 'rounded' than the sharp deco corners i originally envisioned.

A peek inside...

the vintage blue posies seen previously (keeping in with the vintage feel of the clutch)

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